Friday, 1 July 2011

Celebration Time!!!

It's July!!

This is the month that I am going to celebrate every day!  I have so many things to celebrate and I want to share them with the world.  I have been BLESSED with 50 amazing years.  Some of the moments in those years may not have been filled with "peace and love and happy good times" but they have been blessed by the presence of an amazing God and some pretty incredible people.  This is my month to celebrate that.

I have chosen to celebrate with pictures.  Right now there are lots of scavenger hunt photo things on blogs and I LOVE following them.  I have such talented photographer friends that have inspired me.  Although my pictures will never rival the skill of Krista, Melissa, Janine, Loreen, Erin, Bobbi, Jason, Joyce, Stacey...etc (oh mercy, when I make the list I suddenly wonder why in the world I'm doing this)  but oh well- this isn't to impress anyone.  Just to remind myself of how good I have it.  That's easy to forget sometimes.

Anyone that wants to join me, please do.  I would love to see your stuff that you celebrate too.

Here is the list...
July 1- Me
July 2- Feet
July 3- Hands
July 4- Clouds
July 5- Breakfast
July 6- i read
July 7 - Technology
July 8 - Friendship
July 9 - Wrinkles
July 10- Childish things
July 11- Loved
July 12- Energy
July 13- Eyes
July 14- Pretty trash
July 15- Flowers
July 16- Sweet things
July 17- Anticipation
July 18- CELEBRATE!!  (my 50th Birthday!!)
July 19- Pink
July 20 - Fruit
July 21- Summertime
July 22- On the Road
July 23- Little One
July 24- Water
July 25- Bling
July 26 - Trees
July 27 - Words
July 28 - Goodbyes
July 29 - Leisure
July 30 - Comfort food
July 31- Bliss

I will try my best to post every day.  One of the sweet things about this month of celebration is that I am off work the entire time.  Now, this doesn't mean I won't be busy, but I've made a vow to myself to be busy with only things that give me bliss.

So with that, I leave you with two words...



just sayin' said...

I only read this today! i will jump in with you for tomorrow!fun stuff!

Sheila said...

Erin.... You can swap out the 16th for the 18th to customize it!