Tuesday, 5 July 2011

July 5th...breakfast

so... this was my breakfast this morning.

actually... THIS was my breakfast before I remembered that today's photo was "breakfast"

I slept in because I had the volume off on my ipod- which was my alarm clock.  I had a meeting at 9:30 and a whiny puppy woke me at 8:45.  A quick shower and slap on the paint and I was ready to go...until... I remembered the photo calendar thing.  The thought to fudge it did cross my mind as I was gulping down my vitamins (and chewing the chewy ones), but then I decided to keep the integrity of the project and "do" breakfast.

Now, I have a bit of a conundrum... (new favorite word)...  I have this sense of needing to be like some of my other blogging amigos that post pictures of exotic and aesthetically appealing food on their blog pages...not mentioning (krista-makiko-erin) names or anything, but it really is a lot of pressure.  Often my breakfast is toast- with plain IGA bread- smothered with Smuckers grape jelly and Jiff peanut butter.

SO not blog cool!

I felt myself break into a cold sweat with this one...crazy.  Anyways, this really is one of my more usual breakfasts on the go.  You can ask the people I work with.  They faithfully tell me that I have blackberry seeds stuck in my teeth on a regular basis.

oh, and the Chai.  I simply just can't live without the Chai.

What a nice start to a great day.  Now I head to Red Deer to enjoy a nice pedicure with my sweet Alyssa...

Life is really good!


just sayin' said...

awesome! enjoy your pedi! either breakfast is good minus the coke zero! get rid of the pop!!!!!

just sayin' said...

I just thought you were taking a picture a day. i didn't know you had a list. I copied it and am gonna jump on board tomorrow!

Alicia said...

Great! Learning breakfast again too. You had me @ Chai & I have to go make a chai latte now :)

Krista said...