Sunday, 10 July 2011

July 10...friendship

I know... I have a lot of pictures of the puppy this month.  However, it is kind of like having a new baby in the house.  It's just a little bit life consuming.  Those of you that are not animal people, I hope that you will bear with me one more day.

Alyssa came to Three Hills today to sing with Andi and me for Senior Quest.  It's great singing with them.  We had a minor flub up, but on second start it went beautifully.  Good to keep us humble.

Lys spent the rest of the day with us, and decided to stay overnight.  I love it when she comes home.  God has taken our relationship in taking us from mom/daughter to friends.

I am blessed!


Bobbi said...

puppy is sooooo tiny!!!

just sayin' said...

you ARE blessed!!!! Love her freckles!!!