Saturday, 2 July 2011

July 2nd...feet

I know, this sounds kind of weird.  I like feet.  Baby's feet are so soft and chubby. They are just perfect for kissing and playing little games like peek a boo.

Well, I can't get my feet up to my face any more, but I still like feet.  I like pedicures and massages, red nail polish and tiny little flowers.   I like shoes (oh I like shoes!) and fun socks.  I like feet.  I even got a tattoo a few years ago on my foot just to make it a little more pretty.

Today I went to  a wedding.   The perfect excuse for wearing really great shoes.  These shoes (I am on the left) I picked up at a sweet store called Last Call - a outlet for Neiman Marcus.  The tag on them had the starting price of $290.  I got them for $90.  "They" say that you get what you pay for.  They are right.  These shoes are the kind that you can wear for hours without a single grimace.

So great...

Today I celebrate great shoes.

My buddy Irene is in the "cougar shoes" on the right...equally cool

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just sayin' said...

I love shoes too but not all feet. bahahahah Love those shoes!