Wednesday, 12 March 2014

..with this gun...I mean, ring....

March 12, 1985

It was a day that no young, love-struck girl could ever forget.

The Proposal

You know those stories of incredible thought, precision planning and meticulous events that end up with a million hits on youtube?

...the music montage of the couple's favorite love song, with all of their family in on it - ending up on a beach with rose petals and sea shells, and a man in a tuxedo  - down on one knee - reciting the perfect words of love and devotion...

yea, it was nothing like that...

My story was none the less - for lack of a better word...epic

It all began one day just before Christmas in 1984.  I was invited to a Christmas dinner at Dan Reed's house for all his friends.  The chef was none other than Daniel B. Adkins - of the renown Coffee Break...master of the famous Friday night Turkey Dinner buffet.   I had seen this cute red head before - at Lloyd's Rollercade - a few weeks before this.  He had quite the moves on the rink, a gorgeous gold Camero, and now...he can cook?  I must say I was interested.

After a few more encounters (trivial pursuit at Arlene McCommish's house, comet watching with Nathan Jenkins), I knew that this was a pretty special guy.

76 days later...he proposed

I knew that it was coming...sometime....but as he picked me up in his old, baby-blue F150 pick up that evening, he asked if I wanted to go to Calgary to pick out a ring.

Well, duh!  Yes!  He said something about not knowing how to ask and I said, "just ask".

He said, "okay, do you want to marry me?"

I replied, " Sure" which he replied...

"You are sitting on your ring"

Reaching under my butt I found a small plastic bag from Canadian Tire
(incredible foreshadowing here)

In that bag was a little purple box from Ben Moss jewelers. ring...

We had looked at a few rings at different places, but a cook at the Coffee Break didn't make a whole lot of cash, so I never thought that he could have purchased it already.  I was wrong.

I was right about the lack of cash though...but then I found out the rest of the story.

A few weeks before this, my beloved took a prized gun...a Winchester model 96 - over/under Bud Haynes Auction to sell in order to purchase ring...

His family thought he was a little crazy.  His dad thought he was totally crazy. Is this girl really worth sacrificing something like this?

He thought so...

He still does...

Who needs a million-hit-youtube-sensation proposal when you have that?

Not me...

Friday, 7 March 2014

fourteen months later...

fourteen months...

It's really hard to believe that it has been that long since I looked at this gathering of my thoughts and words.  I don't have a great reason for abandonment.  I could say that I was...
* too busy
* too tired
* had nothing to say
* had too much to say

All would be true.  I think it's just a matter of priority.  For fourteen months, this simply was not a priority - other things were.


*my 6th trip to Bogota, Colombia.  Every year that I return it feels a little bit more like my second home.  I love this country, it's food and especially it's people.  Their love is genuine and their faith is strong.  (Feb 5-15, 2013)

* another successful show - Fiddler on the Roof.  I LOVED directing this show, but more than this, I LOVED playing Golde - one of my all time favorite stage characters....especially opposite my dear friend and co-worker.  (May 22 - June 1, 2013)

* the GRAND arrival of my sweet, Grayson.  This boy is the apple of Grannie's eye and the keeper of my heart.  I look forward to many hours of spoiling him and loving him forever.  (June 5, 2013)

* I lost 52 pounds for my 52nd birthday.  After riding the diet train for so long, I finally decided that I had to get serious and commit to something that would work.  Well, I found that thing and although it will continue to be a battle, I am so thankful for my new-found health and stamina!
(April 1, 2013 - ongoing!!)

* Finally seeing the GRAND CANYON!  Dan and I did a week long vacation to Phoenix with a day trip to the South rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was such an amazing trip....lots of sunshine and shopping.  Two of my favorite things!  (July 17 - 24, 2013)

* my 7th trip to Colombia!  This time...without a team of kids and just for FUN!  I was beyond excited to be able to go to Colombia for the wedding of my dear Natalia...adopted daughter, from the first time I came to Bogota.  She has always had a special place in my heart, so it was incredible to be able to watch her marry her prince, Juan Sebastian.

The bonus...
Alyssa came with me!!   Finally she was able to meet all the people that I had talked about and of course, she fell in love with them too!  It was so much fun to explore parts of Colombia that I had never been to, without the responsibility of looking after a team of teenagers!  What an amazing trip!!
(November 14-22, 2013)

* my 8th (!) trip to Colombia!  It seemed like I had hardly unpacked my bags and I was packing again for our 7th PCA Missions Trip to Bogota. This adventure was full of challenges of sickness other adventures.  It is always pretty exciting to watch a new team experience Colombia for their first time.  As soon as I touch down in Canada, I'm already thinking about the next time!
(February 6-16, 2014)

That old saying, "time flies when you are having fun" is pretty accurate.  The last fourteen months have brought so many moments of joy & sorrow, celebration & reflection, laughter & tears.   Through every second...He has been faithful and I have been blessed.

Here are a few of the "other things" that have happened along the way...