Friday, 8 June 2012


What is God saying to you?

Can you imagine at random times in your day, you hear a voice that asks that question.  Not when your are taking time to pray, or meditate, or read the Bible...

random times

Like - when you are in the middle of housework
       - when you are on facebook
       - when you are at a movie
       - when you are in the middle of an argument

Yea, usually that isn't the time that I think about what God is saying.

Until now.

We have been attending CrossRoads Church in Red Deer as often as we possibly can.  We love this church.  It has fed our souls.  Starting June 1st there has been a challenge by Pastor Shawn for a 90 day fast from meeting God on our schedules and our agendas.  Instead, we meet Him randomly.

Through text messages.

Yes...text messages from God.  Well, not exactly directly from God.  I signed up at church to receive 3 text messages per day - sent at different times - that just say...

What is God saying?

I wasn't sure how much this would really impact my life, but in the past 8 days, I have been amazed at how a sudden unplanned refocus of my mind is so incredible.  Usually when I spend time communicating with God, it is on my terms.  It's when I'm in that "God zone".  Either I'm needing something so I'm asking or I'm thankful for something specific.  Well this week it has been in the mundane and regular that I have stopped and thought, "in THIS moment...what are You saying?"

Amazing revelations.

It has felt like a big sigh deep in my soul...

It has reminded me of that story of Samuel being called by God - hearing voices in the night calling his name.  He kept mistaking the voice for Eli's until finally he realized that it was God talking.

I have found that He has been calling my name more often than I ever realized.  The "stuff" has been drowning out His voice for a very long time...

Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening    
(1 samuel 3:10)