Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 21...summertime

Summer is just the BEST!

When summer hits in this cold white north - I feel a little sorry for people that live in places that have no real season changes.  It just feels like life and I love it!!

Hanson Family Reunion is a BIG part of summertime.  We have done this for more years than I can remember and I think I have only missed one or two.  I love my family and getting together with them.  We laugh and cry and talk and play for 3 solid days...melting us together again for another year of separation.

I'm so thankful that my parents didn't believe in birth control!  Six kids, their spouses, kids, grandkids, etc- makes for some great times and happy happy memories!

We are taking the Mustang this year.  It will be a little tight for space...however, my beloved managed to fit in HIS golf clubs and bag...

I shall be repacking.

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just sayin' said...

Awesome!!!!!!!Have a blast! see you when you get back!