Thursday, 28 July 2011

July 28...goodbyes

When I first put together this calender of photos, I thought that the topic "goodbyes" was kind of strange to have in celebrations.  It isn't the most happy of times to say farewell to loved ones, whether they are moving away or leaving this earth but it is a fact of life.

This past month I said good bye to Uncle Harry as he was released from this earth's pain to the glories of heaven.  We said farewell to friends that are moving away - one to the next province over, and the other way across the ocean.  Our school community said goodbye to a classmate that in our hearts was taken much to early.  I also said goodbye yesterday to Lucy's puppy, Nika - who went to live with her new family.

These times are so hard for us.  When you love, you run the risk of loss and the deeper the love, the greater the loss when there is change.  One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss - although I don't remember ever reading it in Cat in the Hat or Red Fish Blue Fish... but I guess he wrote other stuff too...
Anyways, he said..."Don't cry because it's because it happened".  That is hard when you are in the midst of the fresh ache in your heart, but once the tears have slowed, it is great to remember the amazing-ness of the relationship.

   - sitting on the beach in Choroni, Venezuela with Uncle Harry

  - singing in the Community choir at Christmas time

  - transforming Ben into the Beast night after night - while talking about life

 - witnessing life appear right before your eyes


On another note, my family has a tradition that we carry out every year as family members leave our reunion.  We line up on the street as the departing one drives away.  We sing "Happy Trails to you" as the car disappears up the road.  I'm sure the neighbors think we are nuts, but I love it.  It make the Goodbyes a little less bitter.  So...

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again
Happy Trails to you, although we don't know when
Who cares about the clouds when we're together
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather
Happy Trails to you, til we meet again...

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Bobbi said...

mental picture of your family reunions is fantastic, and I love the Dr. Seuss Quote:)