Saturday, 30 July 2011

July 30...comfort food

ok, ok... I know that this isn't technically food - but this is truly my "go-to" choice if I am really stressed.  Nothing chills me out like a "venti tazo chai latte with skim milk no water extra hot with one pump of sugarfree vanilla syrup".  Yes - I am one of those Starbucks long order people.  Don't blame me - blame my Starbucks barista daughter that taught me how to customize my perfect drink...she created me.

Today my drink was on the house, as I was sent a Birthday present from Starbucks in the mail.  Yes, another little tip from my barista daughter about registering your Starbucks card.  You get all kinds of free stuff if you do.  Pretty sweet!

(the drink on the left belongs to my beloved...his beverage of choice is a caramel caramel macciato - iced for the summer)

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Alicia said...

Perfect! & Really close to my favorite starbucks pick me up too!