Tuesday, 19 July 2011

July 19...pink

the color of happiness...

I love pink. I wish I wore it more.  I think I will from now on.

My fragrance is called "Pink Sugar".  I love the sweet sugary smell on my skin.
When I walk into places wearing it I often get people saying..."did someone bake cookies?".

I like that.  I mean really, who doesn't love fresh baked cookies?

I have worn it for so many years, that my family has equated the smell with me.  I wonder if after I am gone and in the ground if my loved ones will one day detect that fragrance somewhere and think of me.  I wonder if it will spark the memory of being held really close or snuggling together.

I hope so...

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Kmarie said...

Loved this. Guess I will be buying some sort of signature scent for my kids to think of me... I went off scents for awhile but you have such a beautiful reason to wear a scent- you have convinced me. Inspiring.