Saturday, 16 July 2011

July 16...sweet things


I'm not a fan of regular flour-sugar-baking powder kind of cake. I think it is just kind of dry.  However...when it is made from ice THAT is a very sweet thing.

I had the BEST day today!  Day 3 of the celebrations.  Today was the Three Hills parade and the Arts Academy put in a float.  It was pretty much the old Guys and Dolls crew - as many as were around anyways. They are like another family for me.  I really love them. 

After that we went to watch my "other" son, Luke, compete in a Battle of the Axes... a firefighters test of true grit and strength.  Luke was a little nervous since it was his first "battle" but he did amazing!  I was really proud of him.  

To round off the perfect day we went up to Red Deer to Lys and Brandon's for a little birthday celebration with some great friends.  

Couldn't imagine a day with any sweeter things!!!

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