Tuesday, 26 July 2011

July 26...trees

We got home last night from our yearly trip to BC for my family reunion.  The route that we took home took us through some amazing scenery.  The snowcovered mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, lush forests...it was so beautiful.

Part way through I realized something though.  As much as I really appreciated the beauty of that rugged landscape, I had to admit that I really like the simplicity of the Prairies better.  The mountains and trees have a way of making me feel a little bit claustrophobic and closed in.  I actually felt better once I saw the first yellow canola field.

However, being that today is trees, I include a picture of my view from the top of my convertible.  What a treat to be able to road trip Eleanor with the top down, being able to look up at the sky, mountains and trees...

Loved it!
but nice to be home

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