Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July 6...i read

Today was a beautiful day.  It was one of those days that make those of us that live in ice and snow for 300 days of the year decide to stay just a little bit longer.

Although I really couldn't afford the time, I took an hour off to sit in the sun and enjoy my summer read.  I buy a book from Costco every year in the spring and wait until summer to sit and read it.  It usually isn't anything very deep or philosophical, just fluff and relaxing. This book is Silver Girl by Erin Hildenbrand.

In the process of my hour reading time, I got a little burnt.  I's not good for me and one day I may pay dearly for it...but for today - it was good.

** sigh and smile **

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just sayin' said...

yay! Live for the moment. My computer is caput. |I'm trying to upload some pics on here ASAP to follow the list. i will get on that. :) Loved seeing you yesterday. Makes me happy!!!!