Friday, 22 July 2011

July 22...on the road

Summertime + holidays + TransCanada Highway = Construction

It seems that no matter where you try to go, you will eventually run into the dreaded orange signs indicating that nasty slow down - or sometimes STOP to your cruisin' mode.

This year was no exception.  However, with the right company, even the delays can be nice.  This has been a great time away for me and my beloved.  It's kind of nice being by ourselves again.  I know some couples have nothing to say to each other after the kids are gone.  That really isn't a problem for us.

He's a pretty good travelling buddy...


just sayin' said...

Awesome! so glad you are enjoying your time! It's obvious you knew you would be "on the road" at this time! cheater!!! LOL I'm enjoying the pics!

Sheila said...

yes I did but I must say you have been doing pretty well getting them all done and great ones at that! Fun checking out yours every day!