Monday, 25 July 2011

July 24...water

This was the last day of our Family Reunion here on the lake.  Thankfully it was another beautifully warm day so we were able to spend the remaining moments out on the water.

I'm not much of a water person.  I like lakes and oceans but I dislike being cold, so the idea of spending a whole lot of time submerged in icy water until my lips turn blue, is not an appealing idea to me.  However... get me a floating vessel and a hot sunny day with a good book or great company - I can spend hours there.   Today was spent with my nieces and one sister, just catching up on things.  It was awesome!

This is Mason's boat.

He and his uncles and papa found it in the "Sharing Shed"  (aka..the dump) and brought it home.  Amazingly it was sea-worthy and he spent many hours bobbing along on the lake "fishing".  It was pretty ghetto but made for a cool picture with the help of my friends at Picnik.


Amy said...

I wish we were there.....sounds like you guys had a great time!

just sayin' said...

JEALOUS!!!!!! did you see MY water shot???? LOL