Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day 9: A close up of my day

a day in the life of a high school girls dean...

7:00 am - country radio (the bad kind - like old CFAC) comes on and I hear the offensive sound of an announcer that I know is from good old Alberta, talking with an accent that rivals those of the back roads of Alabama.
 - my beloved shuts off radio and heads to work - I roll over and fall back to sleep

8:00 am - my ipod goes off - much less assaulting sound - I hit snooze - again and again

8:30 am - leave behind my fluffy duvet covered memory foam cloud to answer the call of nature.
- weigh myself tentatively (since I attended a Dinner Theatre last night) and find to my delight...down 10.8 lbs so far
- do the "happy dance"
- decide not to return to bed in case I never get out again.
- check the blackberry to see what is in the plan for the day.
- put on my face and get my hair back into its former state
- make bed - to alleviate further temptation to return and get dressed - Wednesday is sweat pants day

9:02 am - phone call from office...**** is missing from class
- confirm that the "blue sheet" was not handed in detailing the truancy - all is well

9:10 am - check facebook - write some birthday greetings, message to friend back from southern holiday, and check in with my "homies"
- catch up on some emails

10:20 am - drop some sweat with the aid of Just Dance 3 - songs for today are:  Black Eyed Peas-Pump it, A-Ha-Take On Me, Katy Perry-California Girls, SugarHill Gang - Apache(Jump on it), and LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem.  Sufficient sweat has occurred.

11:00 am - call from the Doctor's office (yea!!)  Appointment with Dr. Mark Allen on Dec 12 - the monsters are going to be released soon!!!

11:05 am - breakfast (well brunch) - eggs (of course) and Wiebes' Mennonite sausage with garlic & a cup of Candied Ginger Peach Rooibos tea (thanks Shuggy!!)

11:20 am - head to my office
- pray for my Colombia team (Mel, Christy, Justine, Nicole, Sheri, Bruna, Mike, Mark, Nolan, Justin, Dylan and Clint) - we arrive in Colombia 3 months from today
- visit with my beautiful girls as they come in for a break before afternoon classes.
- marvel (again) at how blessed I am that this is my job!
- sign various permission forms, get everyone's plans for the long weekend.
- check in with my RA on any of yesterday's activities
- brewed another cup of tea - Blueberry Bang (thanks again Shuggy!)
- read Isaiah 61...uffda!  I needed that!
- "girl talk"

1:10 pm - meet with PBI about Homecoming 2012 plans

1:45 pm - stopped at High School office to check in with my girl, Reenie
- get my fix of Diet Pepsi out of the machine

2:00 pm - back to my office
- prayed for my sweet girls in the dorm
- fill out a LONG reference form for YWAM for one of my girls wanting to go to Argentina on a Soccer DTS (another miracle)
- work on files and reports that have been put off for too long
- do Colombia team fundraiser Pie orderforms
- call ACSI in Colorado Springs to talk about Colombia plans and stinkin' excited!!
- cleaned up my office... I drink a lot of Diet Pepsi!

3:30 pm - my girls are arriving back from the grind
- more "girl talk"

5:15 pm - cleaned off desk

5:30 pm - cooked supper with Dan. - stirfry - he cut up the deer steaks, I chopped the veggies.  I love it when we can make supper about our days, etc.  He is a good man

6:00 pm - Survivor & supper - BOOOO little weasel Cochrane!!!  I yell at the TV during Survivor

7:00 pm - Community Choir practice at the Arts Academy - I think Erin and I will get kicked out of the choir.  We are every director's worst nightmare.  I wish James and/or Ben were here. ...nuff said - why not buy and extra present...*shudder*

8:30 pm - back to the dorm to check in my little studious ones!
- more "girl talk"
- catch up on Facebook and emails

9:00 pm - snuck into the tv lounge to watch Modern Family - but it isn't on until 10 - so I miss it!  BOOO again

9:30 pm - meet with my RA team (minus Heather who is modelling in Vancouver :)

10:00 pm - devos - Alisha told her story - SO good!!

10:40 pm - more "girl talk"

11:00 pm (ish) - home to bed - my nice fluffy duvet covered memory foam cloud - where I started this day 16 hours ago...

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Alicia said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. Had lunch in the dining hall, (first time in 16 years) & marveled at how full each college day really must be.