Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4: a friend that I adore

DISCLAIMER:   To all my dear dear friends - and you know who you are - I can only choose ONE friend to write about.  This does not mean that I do not adore you as well.  You all make my life richer in your own way...

I don't even remember the day that I met this amazing person.  I feel like I have known her forever but I know that had I actually met her in high school, I would have hated her because she went to the rival school...Dr. E.P. Scarlett  (boo!!!)

But God knew that we would so need each other later, so that is exactly when He brought her into my life.  We went through parenthood together and our kids became great friends - to the point of even being involved in both Lys and Ri's weddings.

but - above being a good family friend - this woman is my hero.

the night that I was contacted by the daughter that I gave up for adoption - she was there - sharing in my heart failure, witness to an absolute miracle

when my Mom passed away it was this dear saint that swooped in with her caring style and became the organizer of meals and everything food related.  She was THERE all the time - like one of the family.

she has let me cry on her shoulder
she has laughed with me until we almost pee our pants
she has been "Howad" to my "Fronk"  in weddings, banquets, parties, retreats, and productions
she has been a second mom to my children
she has pushed me to go see the doctor when I really needed to

she is an inspiration in every way.

she was diagnosed with a disease that stole her father from her much too early.  I would have crumbled, but she has shown strength.
she accepts every challenge with grace and peace

her relationship with Jesus is real and exciting

I do adore this woman.

I love you dear Reenie!


Joycee said...

A great tribute to a deserving and beautiful lady whom I LOVE as well!

Alicia said...

*tear*..a resounding tribute, for your beautiful friend!