Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 23: Eight things you didn't know about me

I am pretty sure that some of you will know some/few/all of these things - my life is basically an open book to most...hence the blog

1)  I have a strawberry birthmark on my right shin

2)  I have a debilitating fear of seriously

3)  I have been pregnant five times

4)  I don't have a favorite colour, but I don't really like purple very much

5)  I have only seen one Star Wars movie, one Lord of the Rings movie, and one Star Trek movie - but have seen every Harry Potter movie and Twilight movie to date.

6)  I memorize lines in the shower

7)  I don't like eating most things that ever lived in an ocean

8)  Today my weight is.... something that you still don't know  :)

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just sayin' said...

Love it! these are some of my favorite posts. Love learning new things about people. Might have to do another one myself.