Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 14: A favorite movie

this is probably the hardest one to do

when it comes to movies - I love so many for just as many reasons

however, to pick just one, for today I will pick one that I am inspired by.

I don't think it was a huge block buster.  In fact, I know many people that have never heard of it.

That is a shame.  Really - if you have never seen this one, it is so worth the trip to the video store!
(make sure that you get the one with Jim Caviezel - NOT Gerard Depardieu)

I love this story because of the message of finding peace in your soul towards those that hurt you.

Edmond Dantes was a poor sailor with nothing but the love of a good woman, and a whole lot of integrity.  The combination of these two things set him on the road to success until he was stopped by a friend overwhelmed with envy.  Edmond's life was turned upside down as he lost everything.  Consumed with the need for vengeance he lived out his life to pay back the wrongs done to him.

I won't give away the ending - you will just have to watch it for yourself.

You really won't be sorry!

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