Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 12: Three Blogs I can't get enough of

The first one is that of my friend Krista.  She has always had such interesting blog postings, but since moving to Cambridge - I am always looking to see her latest.  I love her stories and her pictures and her perspectives on life!

The next one is one that I found on Pinterest - kind of by accident.  This woman is a master of almost any household problem that can come up.  She posts things from how to throw amazing theme parties (LOVE those!!) to how to paint your kitchen cabinets.  I love love love her stuff there!  Check her out!

The third would have to be a tie between these friend's blogs.  I like them for different reasons.  Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me sigh and some inspire.
Some do all of the above!


The Tea Bag said...

Wow - I feel so honoured to be included in this list, Sheila! Thank you ...

And I agree with you about Krista's blog. That woman is a fascinating, complex, determined, compassionate, talented, artistic, multitalented whirlwind! I must confess that, while I'm happy she's at Cambridge, I miss her quite a ton and I am so glad she has her blog.

Krista said...

I had no idea!!! Thanks Sheila! Loving the lists.

Krista said...
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