Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 25: The contents of my purse

* wallet - from Colombia - coolest.wallet.ever!
* prescription sunglasses
* kleenex (one gently used - one pack of new)
* TD Canada trust pen & pink mechanical pencil
* medicine  (Aleve, Advil, Excedrin, Advil Cold & Sinus, Rolaids, Gravol, Halls)
* a lighter (no I don't smoke)
* hairbrush
* nail clipper
* lipstick x 2
* 2 hair elastics
* disposable tooth brush
* dental floss
* Pink Sugar roll on perfume
* hand cream
* "lady supplies"
* Icebreakers Frost breath mints
* Trident Vitality gum - best.gum.ever - only available in the USA
* receipts from my latest trip to Montana
* Victoria Secret coupon book

But really - who cares what's IN the purse when you have such a fabulous purse to fill!

This lovely little lady is called "Lizzy" because it feels like a lizzard.  No, not a snake - a lizzard.  If it felt like a snake I would not have come within 10 feet of it.

She is created by Marc Ecko and she is wonderful.  She tends to turn into a bit of a black hole for my stuff inside, but who cares when you are so incredibly beautiful!

She completes me....

I really love purses.  Not long ago I realized why.  A purse never judges you if you are up a few pounds, like a pair of jeans do.  Jeans will declare to the world, "Hey girl!  You packin' on the pounds!  I'm not even going to do up, and furthermore - here's a nice muffin top to boot!"

A purse would never say such things.  She just waits in the closet until she is needed for a new season or to complete the perfect outfit.  When you pick her up, she just snuggles up nice and close under your arm and is just happy.

The perfect friend...


Alicia said...

The happy post of the year goes to..
So fun!

Shuggy said...

A Salute to your purse. This was a reading pleasure this morning and I am sure to think of it every time I pick up my "bag". I used to have "Mary Poppins", but alas the purse naming has fallen through a crack could I have been so tardy. I was reminded, when I saw the contents of your purse, how much fun it was for us to snoop through each others "purses" when we were younger than we are now. I hope that you post Lizzy's contents when you have grand babies sitting on your lap in church.....someday soon I hope.