Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 20: A childhood anecdote

As a child, growing up in "pre-trib" home, I was always reminded that I needed to be ready when Jesus came back to take His children to heaven.  I was taught it could be any time at all but it was definitely going to happen.

At the time I had a sweet dog named Tussen.  I think it was about the 5th "Tussen's" we had - but I really loved this little mutt.

I began to ponder the thought, "What will happen to Tussen if my whole family is taken up with Jesus?  He will be all alone with no one to feed him and he will die".  The thought actually kept me up at night and I remember asking my Mom about it, only to hear the reply, "You will be in heaven, so you won't even think about Tussen back here on earth."

Well, I did NOT believe that - so I found a friend at school that I know didn't go to Sunday School, and decided that she would be my answer.  I told her that one day - and it could be very soon - I and lots of other people could vanish into thin air.  I then asked her that when it happens, if she could please come and feed my beloved Tussen.  She asked me where I would be going.  I told her I was going to heaven.  She then asked why she wouldn't be going to heaven, to which I plainly replied, "Because you don't go to Sunday School so you will get left behind."  (see?  I even gave Tim LaHay his book title long ago!!)

She freaked out.  To the point of going home and telling her mom, which in turn called my mom.  I was reprimanded for my tactics of securing a caretaker for my dog - and I think I even got grounded for it.

Funny thing - I still think about Lucy getting left, so I keep her dog food on a low shelf so that she can get it easily...

just in case...


just sayin' said...

oh sheila! this made me sad. God would never leave any of his children behind! EVER! UNCONDITIONAL love!

Alicia said...

Good one & I enjoyed hearing this story too.