Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 16: Someone that inspires me

I have seen this day coming for some time now and thought and pondered long and hard about inspiration lately.

I wear a ring that says    * inspire * uplift * renew *   

Those words are goals for my life and how I react with others that God puts in my path from day to day.

But who does this for me?

In my reflections of the MANY people that have positive influences on my life, I have come to this one person.  She is not someone that many would expect - but on careful examination, it is easy to see why she inspires me.

She is beautiful - but her beauty is so much more than a pretty face.  It reaches to the depths of her soul.

Her heart is one that beats with Jesus'.  She shows her compassion for the hurt and broken - for the girl that has just found out that she is pregnant and all alone - for the family that has lost hope - for the child that has nothing

She has a deep love for her family.  Her husband and three boys never question the intensity of that love.  The rest of us have known her to "be there" anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and at any cost.

She is talented.  God has blessed her with a creative streak that is evident in her home, her client's hair, her fabulous cakes, her crazy skits, and her awesome parties.  The things that she touches are covered with the fingerprints of love and care.

She understands grace.  She has had her share of hard stuff, but has chosen to accept the grace that only the Father could give her, the forgiveness that Jesus provided, and the life that is Spirit guided.

I am blessed to have her in my family.

I love you Stace!


ROSALIE said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Sheila. All of that comes through loud and clear in her posts on FB. She has been Jesus to me more than once. What an amazing and beautiful gal she is. And what a beautiful tribute to her. Bless you!!

Kmarie said...

She is amazing. You have great relatives:) she helped get me through some of my pregnancy with Juils and some horrid shifts at work. She made it fun;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Auntie Sheila -- these are beautiful words about my amazing cousin, Stacey... what a gift she is to me and my children...what a gift your description is..



just sayin' said...

I obviously don't know her as well as you,but I love her too and she also inspires me!

Anonymous said...

The tears are flowing...I feel so blessed to be a part of a family of such amazing, strong women...I learn and grow from each of my aunties/cousins/sisters and my moms love for God and others!! I am thankful for your sweet words on a day like today ;) but I am SO thankful to so many women in MY life that have inspired me...Thank YOU auntie!!

Anonymous said...

I was one of those girls that Stace was there for... without her hand that reached out to me and supported me, my life would not be the same...without her welcoming heart & late nights talks, my life would not be the same... Now I can truly see how God has blessed my life beyond my dreams and enriched hers even more than when I was living with her! & all of her family including you Auntie Sheila... who have considered me as part of the family...thank you for your inspiring hearts & continuous prayers! i am blessed beyond to know you all!! Love, g.