Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Days with 6 (missed day 5 - I know!)

100 grams!!

yes...100 grams!!

At 5 days old, Buddy has hit the goal of 100 grams.  5 days!  He has beaten the odds and doubled his birth weight.  

True confessions time...on Monday I really had doubts that we would make it to this day.  I wanted to believe with all my heart that he would survive.  I googled small birth weight puppies and read stories that I should never have read.  I also doubted my abilities to really pull this off.  The first few chimes of my alarm clock in the middle of the night really made me doubt it!  

Little Buddy is a popular little guy.  People all over the world have been checking in on his progress, praying for his survival and hoping for success.  

I have been asked by many people if they could be his new family, but I have decided that Buddy is mine.  He and I have a bond that formed some time during one of those early morning feedings, in one of the kisses placed on his soft little head.  It would be impossible for my heart to cut those ties.

Welcome home, my little Buddy!


ROSALIE said...

That is just awesome, Sheila. I don't blame you one bit for keep Buddy for yourself. Looks like he's gonna make it!! yaaaaaay

Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful time with all those you get together with.

Luv ya!


Alicia said...

Sweet picture of him, weighing in. A Christmas miracle to remember for years! Merry Christmas eve & welcome home Buddy!

Enid said...

Wonderful news. Amazing, actually! I know your Christmas is going to be extra special because of this miracle! Good for you and good for Buddy!!