Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Days with Buddy... day 4

           Buddy is now 24 hours OFF the syringe.  Last night I gave him his last 2 cc's of Mammalac.  Actually - most of it ran down his neck because he really didn't want it.  As soon as I set him down, he found his way to his dear Mamma and latched on and stayed there for half an hour.  He has clearly decided that the "real thing" is better than that artificial stuff.  
           I am now getting some least more than 2 hours at at time, but I did wake up a few times in the night - just to check.  Apparently my mothering instincts are still pretty acute.  
He is not fully out of the woods yet.  He is still pretty small - just over 70 grams, almost at 80 - so I would like to see him well over the 100 grams before I am breathing easy.  
          Thank you for praying.  I am convinced that he is the most prayed for dog in the world right now.  I can't go anywhere in this little town without someone asking how little Buddy is.  I think we all love to hear about miracles - especially at this time of year.  On behalf of Lucy, Buddy and me - thank you for your clear signs of love and concern.  We are blessed!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Many of you have been asking about the other puppies.  Today I was finally able to take a few pictures of them and I promise to put in more as the days go on.  Lucy is still pretty unsettled if they are taken from her close supervision, so I try to respect her wishes in this.

Here is their first family photo.  They are still a little "rat-y" looking, but day by day they are getting cuter and cuter.  As my friends know, I have to name vehicles are Eleanor, Boo, the Beast, and Eddie (as in VanHalen).  I have a purse named Lizzi.  My camera is Nik.

Well, these puppies cannot remain nameless forever, and although they are going to be renamed by their new owners, I do have to call them something other than Buddy's sisters.  So, introducing - on the left - Emma and in the middle - Bertha.  Now before you start freaking out, I need to explain.  These 2 puppies are much larger than little Buddy (see his head size compared to theirs??).  These two brutes think nothing of pushing him off a good milk supply to fill their own large tummies, so they got named "Fat Emma" and "Big Bertha".  As much as I try to keep them away from Buddy, and even in their complete blind state, they are amazingly able to smell and scootch over to Lucy if they even sense that Buddy is getting fed and they are not.

It is sibling rivalry at it's finest.  Each trying to get the best position at the expense of the other.  Lucy has 6 very functioning milk apparatus (apparati?) but they all seem to want the one that Buddy is securely attached to.  Sometimes they make me so frustrated (I am a little biased toward my little guy), and I will give them a little scolding as I remove them.  They just seem so selfish.

But then, just when I think that they are just the most evil little creatures, they do the most amazing thing.  When feeding time is over, they provide the greatest source of warmth for their skinny little brother.  At nap time these two plump little puppies curl up tightly around and over Buddy.  Their chubby bodies creating the perfect temperature for his tiny frame.

Just a normal modern family.  At times a little selfish, but when the chips are down they create a safe and warm place to protect their own.

After all, we can all use a little cuddle every now and then.


Katie Teichroeb said...

Awe, siblings will be siblings haha. VERY happy that Buddy is on his own now (so to speak) and latching onto Lucy :) Such good news to hear :) He is a very popular pup <3

Bobbi said...

beautiful family photo:)

just sayin' said...

Man! I gotta get the kleenex ready BEFORE I read these posts!!!! sheesh!