Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My days with Buddy... days 7-10

Okay, I have really lapse in my postings of my days with Buddy.  I guess its because he is doing so well, so I really have little to say, other than, "he's doing great!"

Today, I need to make a modification to a previous statement regarding the genders of the puppies.

Yes, I made an error in this little one...
...actually, not so little.  This is the largest of all Lucy's pups to date.


I called her Big Bertha.  Well, this has been changed to Big Bert...drop the "ha".

Yes - she is a he.

I discovered this just 2 nights ago.  The kids had just left for home and I came in for a puppy cuddle, picking up this sweet little one, when I thought..."hmm - what is that?"  In my preoccupation with Little Buddy, I happened to pass over the existence of this...
Yes, amid this big belly, he is definitely "endowed".  What I believed to be an umbilical cord is actually his manhood.

Sorry little guy.

I have to say that I am quite embarrassed by this oversight.  When Alyssa was just 5 days old, waiting for discharge, my regular doctor was unavailable to do a check over before we left, so another doctor was brought in.  As Lys lay "naked as a jay-bird" this professional kept referring to her as "him", "he" etc.  I was so put off by is lack of knowledge in human anatomy.  I never forgot that.

Now I realize - I'm not so smart either.

ps... Buddy now weighs 150 gms.  Three times his birth weight!!


just sayin' said...

bahahahahahahahahaha! you do not have medical school behind you and dogs are different from humans! FYI! thanks for your honesty. made me laugh. Still looks like an umbilical chord to me! LMAO!

ROSALIE said...

You are too funny, Sheila.

I AM glad they Buddy is doing so well!! That's just great!!