Saturday, 19 May 2012


I love relaxing weekends.  The only problem is that relaxing weekend equals no schedule and no schedule equals impulse eating and no exercise.

This I found true, but I think being mindful of my commitment helped me to not make horrific choices...just slightly bad ones.  We walked through the Red Deer Farmer's Market and the mall for most of the day.  The aching of my feet proved that I actually got off my butt, however, the meal at the end of the day was less than optimal.

Right next to the Farmers Market there is a beautiful space called Barrett Park.  This is where Lys' sister in law will be getting married in August, so we went to have a look.  In the park there is a fabulous fitness square with about a dozen different "machines" to work out on.  It was amazing!  I took some pictures because I would like to suggest this to our town council to implement in Anderson Park.  What a great addition it would make!!

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