Wednesday, 30 May 2012


no talk of diets or exercise today....

Today I want to celebrate good stuff....and I have lots of it!

I am a hoarder.  Not the TLC crazy Hoarder's kind of a hoarder...I just have a problem letting go of things - especially anything that is attached to any significant time, place or person.  Even clothes - some that I will never wear - I can't get rid of because I remember when I got it, or where I wore it, or some other such ridiculousness.

This little problem has seeped over into my work life.  I keep everything I, sticky notes, cards, letters, gifts...everything!  You can imagine that my walls can get a little cluttered, but I love to have those reminders of good stuff around me.  It helps me to "de-clutter" my head after dealing with a "problem child" to look up at my walls and see a reminder of other "problem children" that have made it to the other side.

good stuff...

Well, I am happy to let you know that I have found a solution to this part of my hoarding habit.  It is called The Smash Book.  I found it on Pinterest  (where else?!) and have been on the look out for one since I discovered it.  I was so happy to learn that they are sold at Michael's, so I went and bought one.  Now, for those of you that are incredibly crafty and creative, I'm sure you are thinking, "oh good grief - I could put one of those together for half the price!"  Well, most likely I could too, but my intentions seem to get lost somewhere between the idea and the doing, so I thought I would just get a ready made one and go for it.

So far I have filled 13 of its pages with treasures from the residence.  It has become "that thing that I will grab in case of fire" in my office.  I love it.  As I was pasting and writing in it, I was overcome again with how incredibly God has blessed my life.  It is good.  so very good.

What a great way to count your blessings!!

This is my favorite page so far.  It is a series of sticky notes left to me by two of my Residence Assistants, Haley and Jenessa.  They wrote each note as if they were the other person, so it got extremely bizarre.   By the way, Haley became my daughter-in-law.  Back then it was just a high school crush...  treasures!

good stuff...

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ROSALIE said...

Good stuff . . . my husband needs one of those. You should see his desk . . . it has become his filing cabinet because the real one is completely full of his paper stuff. lol