Sunday, 20 March 2011

The life of a drama queen

I was recently asked why I ever decided to get into this whole drama thing.  My usual responses have been "Well, I just love making people happy"....or
"It is such a great creative outlet for me"...or
"I like being busy"
Okay, well, those are the "correct answers"

Here is the real answer

I like  the glory

Yup, plain and simple.  It has taken me nigh unto 50 years to figure this out about myself (although I am pretty sure that most of those around me have known it for some time) - I like it when people like me.  I totally got it when Sally Field gave the infamous Oscar speech, "You like me, you really like me".  I can relate to sue me  * little nod to one of the great songs of Guys and Dolls *

Right now I am sitting in a quiet house, on a rare quiet Sunday afternoon, just pondering the next few days of what I know will be one really crazy ride and I LOVE IT!

I invite all of you to this amazing small town production that is BIG on talent.  Honestly, you will be BLOWN away by what can come out of this place...This cast, crew, carpenters, seamstresses, dancers, choreographers, light and sound techies...are INCREDIBLE!!

Come and find out for yourself!  Tickets are available at Video Hut and IGA - or call me...

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just sayin' said...

HEY! those are my socks! LOL Great post! i hope you don't mind that i shared it to fb! if so...tell me and I can delete it!