Wednesday, 26 January 2011

he completes me

I know, I know - I hear the resounding echo of gagging noises from some of you.... but bear with me.  I am feeling kind of *sigh* right now.

I have loved this man since about this time in 1985.  Our courtship was not a lengthy one - much to the concern of many in this community - like Marc Reed, who after hearing the news of our engagement uttered, and I quote, "Good Lord, she must be pregnant!" 

Our first "date" was out by the railroad tracks at about 3 am.  I was perched between Nathan Jenkins and my beloved in the front seat of Dabner's station wagon.  We were looking for a man made comet that was supposed to be appearing somewhere in the northern sky on that cold cold night on December 26, 1984.  My first impression was - "this guy is a lot of fun".  I was right.  He is a lot of fun.  248 days later - he became my husband.  Not saying that there weren't some days that I considered homicide as an option - but he has really made my life better.

Although I have dozens of stories to validate these statements, but this is the most recent one - ergo - my *sigh* state of being.

It has been my deepest desire to get a Mustang Convertible for my 50th birthday.  Some say it's a mid-life crisis - I just look at it as a symbol of my life after 50 - sweet, fast and fun.  Anyways, I have been looking on Kijiji and newspapers and Buy and Sell boards for the perfect car.  Well - eureka!  Dan found it on Kijiji a couple of weeks ago.  One of those "too good to be true" kind of deals.  Right color, right accessories, and right price - Oh what a right price.  Dan called and left 3 messages with the dude selling MY returned calls.  I accepted that this wasn't the one and then...Monday there is a message on our voice mail - the car selling dude was in Maui and just got back to dozens of calls - Dan's being the FIRST one left....
After phonecalls, faxes and the like - I am now the proud owner of a gun-metal grey, 40th Anniversary edition, Mustang convertible!!  

Now, that was really sweet of him to do the calling etc...but here is where his absolute greatness comes in.  We needed to come up with a down payment for car.  Being that it is January 26 and it has been a month and a half since my last paycheck - the wallet is a little thin right now.  I scraped and scrounged and came up with some cash - but then today at noon my dearly beloved went to his night table and pulled out 5 crisp US $100 bills and handed it to me.  I almost fell over dead - which wouldn't have been good considering I am getting my car today.  You see, I married a bit of a tight wad.  I am the spender - he is the hoarder.  It is a good relationship...balanced and all.  But for him to hand over his cash - most likely ear-marked for a new bow, or gun or fly rod, or some other such nonsense - that was a HUGE deal.  

he is just the best.

he completes me

(The song playing is the one that plays when he calls me from home or his cell.  It always makes me smile)


Krista said...

you guys are funny

just sayin' said...

FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC! That's what it's all about! :)

Jenni's Mommy said...

That is awesome!