Wednesday, 27 October 2010

its quiet...too quiet

It's funny how so often in my life I would ask my kids for just a little peace and quiet.  "Can you please turn that music down?"  "Do you really have to play hockey in the house?"  "Stop fighting!"    I longed for the days that I could hear myself think.  I have those days now.  As I sit here the only sound is the clicking of my keyboard and a hollow tick-tock of the clock on the wall.  It has been a year now with just the two of us.  There are things that I really really, not being able to walk naked around the house - although that is most likely one of Dan's perks.  It is nice having drama free conversations on a regular basis.  I like eating cereal for supper sometimes ... just because we can.  I like being two.    The things I don't like is the missing laughter or jokes.  I miss playing games and movie nights - especially the chick flick marathons.  And I kind of miss the sound of distant gun fire and explosions bleeding through the walls from some ridiculously violent xbox game.

We spend so much time, energy and cash on these little critters and just when you get to the point that you really really like them - they leave.  Doesn't seem quite right - but then again it does.  Its an investment that if tended carefully, yields greatly.  Sure they are gone and on their own - starting their own little nests, but being able to see them succeed - and even sometimes fail, but get back up - is such an amazing thing to watch.  I made a million and two mistakes as a mom but somehow it seemed to work out okay.  They are terrific human beings, making an impact in a world that has chosen them. 

So many of my friends are in those crazy noisy years.  I love to follow their journeys through Facebook statuses, pictures and blogs.  It makes me nostalgic and sad and happy all at the same time.  It got quiet too fast...but there is always GRANDKIDS!!!  Bring it on! 

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Making me cry...